Super Volume Training! The ultimate workout routine for men.

Posted by Sam Stives on

Super Volume Training is an elite program that anyone can do to get their Summer body where they want it! Completely transform the way your body looks at the beach. Included is 4 days worth of workouts that you can do throughout the week. 2 days on, 1 day off is recommended.



122 sets, 1059 reps weekly

Legs (26 sets, 270 reps)

Squat 10x8-10

Leg Extension 5x10-12

Leg Curl 5x10-12

Seated Calf raise 3x15

Standing Calf Raise 3x15

Chest/Biceps (33 sets, 264 reps)

DB Bench Press 10x8-10

Incline Hammer Press 5x8-10

Decline Hammer Press 5x8-10

BB Curl 5x8-10

Incline DB Curl 5x8-10

Preacher Hammer Curl 3x8-10

Shoulders/Abs (30 sets, 240 reps)

Hammer Military Press 5x8-10

Front Rope Raise 5x8-10

DB Shrug 5x8-10

Face Pull 5x8-10

Leg Lift/Weighted Crunch (SS) 5x8-10

Back/Triceps (33 sets, 285 reps)

Barbell Row 10x8-10

Lat Pulldown 5x8-10

Wide Grip Cable Row 5x8-10

Tricep Extension 5x8-10

Skull Crusher 5x8-10

Rope Pushdown 3x15